Types of Fghting Chicken Leg Scales

Types of Fghting Chicken Leg Scales

Types of Fghting Chicken Leg Scales – In the world of cockfighting gambling, of course, there are parts of fighting cocks that are usually predicted to be the winning cocks in the fight.

In the game world of cockfighting, the knowledge of katuranggan has been inherent in the bobotoh for generations. In the Bangkok chicken competition itself, it is often used as a benchmark to be able to see the quality of fighting cocks. Apart from that, the bobotohs also believe that the katuranggan Bangkok chicken basically has a variety of uniqueness and also a fighting advantage.

In Indonesia itself, knowledge from customers has indeed existed since the time of our ancestors. And even this knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. Go straight to the bobotoh until you can get the fighting cock.

And from the scales of the Bangkok chicken, basically there are only 10 types. And in this article too, we will also explain on each of the scales that are on this chicken. Which according to customers from Java is complete with pictures and also their respective advantages.

The bobotohs also believe that the stone-type scales of this stall basically have a punch that is very capable of eliminating power to their opponents. Moreover, if the punches that are targeted are able to lead into the neck or head of the opponent’s chicken. Then you can be sure that your opponent will immediately fall. To be able to recognize these scales you can see the scales that are neatly arranged inside the soles of their feet.

And also until now, the scale type of chain stone scales is one of the scales that is very difficult to find. So it is not surprising that these chain-stone scales are also categorized as the very rare and the most popular scales.

This is the type of dragon scales in Bangkok chickens

In general, the scales on this type of dragon are characterized by the scales on the back of the legs facing the bottom. The bobotohs also believe that the dragon scales generally have the most dangerous, lethal blow to their opponents.

The appearance of the Banda Naga Scales itself can also be recognized by its appearance resembling a skin scale from a salak fruit. The scales from this dragon banda also have a separate designation for all the bobotoh, namely wutah rice or even from rice sprinkles.

And also for the quality there really is no need to be underestimated. Bangkok chicken from this complaint with dragon scales from this Banda. There is also a belief that they have good luck and are also able to make the opponent lose and even when the match has only been running for a few seconds.

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The scales of Satriya Sinekti and also the scales of Putri Kinurung

This Bangkok chicken, which has satriya sinekti scales, actually does not have scales at all on its legs. Even the chicken’s feet look very smooth. Even so, the scales of this one still couldn’t be underestimated.

The ancestors also believe that this Bangkok chicken with these scales will be very easy to win a match later. Unfortunately, the presence of these satriya sinekti scales is now very present, and it is rarely found.

The last thing that will be discussed later is from Putri Kinurung. Because this one scale is characterized by a shape that can slip out directly between the main scales of the leg of the chicken. The advantages of this kinurung daughter’s scales itself will basically be able to make the opponent into a knockout knockout.…